Already a user? Log in >>> allows you to scan the binary code of an iOS application to produce a human readable report detailing all detected common security issues and a breakdown of all useful security related information pertaining to the app. The app scan is performed in seconds using our proprietary automated static analysis engine, yielding actionable information regarding the security of the scanned mobile application. No source code required.


  • Detects all common CWEs and mobile OWASP Top 10 issues within an app.
  • Detects hardcoded sensitive content that is easy to re-construct (API keys/ secrets, encryption keys, passwords, and more).
  • Detects any use of Malicious, Private, or Risky APIs.
  • Detects issues related to SSL/TLS validation.
  • Detects issues with sensitive data-at-rest stored non-securely.
  • Checks code hashes against database of known malicious code.
  • Generate easy-to-read report explaining issues and displaying relevant data in a high level manner, to ensure readability by the widest (and potentially nontechnical) audience.
Automatic analysis of your mobile apps with prior to App Store submission will allow you to ensure the mobile applications you ship are compliant with standard information security practices and do not contain any low-hanging security vulnerabilities. The output reports can be freely disseminated to your partners and clients to instill full confidence that your mobile application will not be yet another headline.

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